March 19, 2019

Intersections are the thread of Kenyatta Forbes’s creativity, and that comes through in her homegrown approach to living as an artist: having her hand in multiple projects—teaching, homemade natural products, macrame fiber work, the Trading Races card game—is what helps her keep things fresh and new. In the world of macrame fiber, a typically homogenous trade, she uses a spectrum of colors and textures to make her work stand out from the fun-size beige ornaments that are often thought to be the industry standard.

Chicago Magazine

April 2019

Windy City Live

April 1, 2019

Being interviewed!
Talking about my love of Macrame.
Teaching Val and Ryan how to make a square.

Kenyatta is inspired by patterns in nature, textures, and bold and bright colors, all of which can be found in her Chicago apartment. “I think the thing I love most about my home is the elements of history, memories, and design,” Kenyatta says. “I love how they all come together and couldn’t exist without each other.” As a self-taught artist and owner of Urban Macrame Fibers, she creates beautiful wall hangings and wall art that add texture to any space.

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